The increasing complexity of the medicine and the different technological advances demand the experts' integration in different areas as in the diagnosis for image, clinical doctors, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, etc., shaping multidisciplinary permanently updated groups and in constant scientific exchange. To this, they must add essential aspects for us since it are the warmth, the confidence, the confidentiality and an excellent relation doctor - patient.

We are conscious of the need to guarantee and stimulate these values and struggle day after day to be a few professionals of recognized path, highly qualified and in permanent formation, already be in national as international centers.

Meet these objectives allows us to face, in optimal conditions, the complexity of many of the diseases that we solve every day with responsibility, honesty and respect for others.

We hope to help.

Dr. Luis Gramática (h) or Jr.


- Professor of Medicine University won the August 21, 2001. Faculty of Medical Sciences. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Córdoba. Argentina.
- Specialist in general surgery obtained the May 8, 2001. Certification Board of Medical Professionals. National Academy of Medicine. Argentina.


Address: Santa Rosa 922, 5º piso | Córdoba | Argentina
WhatsApp: +54 9 351 215-7999